Your Fundraising Advisor

I am your fundraising guide!  

I provide overwhelmed nonprofit leaders with a roadmap to maximize and sustain major gift fundraising. As a result, you are prepared, confident and successful in raising more money.


The Fundraising Maximized program is a coaching system designed to help nonprofit executive directors and development directors, like you, raise more money than you ever thought possible from major gifts.


Fundraising Maximized 4 Step Success Path:

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Develop clear and compelling messages

Are you clearly communicating how your organization is solving the problem it is set out to do? I will guide you in creating compelling language to attract the right people to support your cause.

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Develop the skills of a fundraising leader

Are you overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of being a nonprofit leader? I will show you how to focus on what drives results. You must take charge of your time, eliminate distractions, and accomplish your biggest priorities.

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Utilize Board talent to help you raise money

Do you feel like board members don’t know how to raise money? Let’s clarify their role and ignite their passion!

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Practice relationship fundraising

Do you feel like no one is listening? Do you feel like you are constantly hustling to secure funds? I will show you how and who to ask for money. I will guide you in establishing long-term relationships with your donors.


Become Skilled & Confident

I will walk along beside you to build processes, systems, and a road map to fundraising success.

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Build a Road Map

Become skilled and confident as you clarify your message, build your team, engage the board, and raise more money.

Nancy was super helpful in providing a roadmap toward effective development for the Fab Foundation. She is a great model as a CEO and gave me confidence as I explored fundraising opportunities and learned the language of development.
— Sherry Lassiter, Executive Director of The Fab Foundation

Confidence in Fundraising

You need an expert who has a plan to teach you how to raise more money – to share knowledge and introduce processes and tools – so you maximize and sustain major gift funding for your organization.

Be more confident and comfortable raising funds. 

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Creative, Inspiring and Resourceful

I am an executive coach and consultant to small to medium sized nonprofit organizations. Having served as a founding executive director of a nonprofit, I started from square one, raised millions, lead a team, and wrote my doctorate dissertation on fundraising activities. I am your fundraising guide.

Nancy is more about results than she is about advice. She is a delightful person, very authentic in how she builds relationships. I believe anyone working with Nancy will gain confidence and enthusiasm for their cause.
— April Benetollo, CEO of Momentum